Founded in December of 2012, Scholar Career Coaching mentoring and scholarship program provides college and career readiness resources & services to college-bound high school students in South Florida. Recognizing the critical need and potential to make an impact, the organization places a crucial focus on English as a Second Language (ESL) students–helping these students answer the question, “Now What?” upon high school completion.

Despite the growing importance of education beyond high school for job seekers, the latest national report by ACT (“The Condition of College and Career Readiness 2019”) found that only 37 percent of high school graduates have the skills needed for college coursework. Change is necessary and exists within the efforts of Scholar Career Coaching.

Scholar Career Coaching’s mission is to Coach, Motivate, and Support students through mentoring services and scholarships. Our vision and hope are to help minimize the gap between at-risk students and the percentage of degrees earned. 

We provide services that amplify and reinforce our students’ needs through career development workshops, effective college readiness strategies, financial literacy seminars, and soft skill training. Our services include mentoring, scholarship assistance, standardized testing waivers, and comprehensive ACT/SAT Tutoring opportunities.

Within the hybrid mentoring component of our program, Scholar CC, we emphasize the strategic recruitment and vetting of capable, successful, and compassionate individuals with a desire to guide the youth in our program who demonstrate high need and exceptional potential. 

We partner with experienced professionals in various industries, esteemed retirees with a wealth of wisdom, and graduate-level semi-professionals who serve as relatable role models and inspirational examples to our youth. While these passionate volunteers now have established themselves, many of them at one time faced the same questions, doubts, and struggles that their young mentees currently face. Sharing their knowledge and experiences in academic achievement, career exploration, interviewing, resume building, and more, while having traveled similar paths, these mentors are in prime positions to provide positive guidance and encouragement to the next generation of leaders. 

Between 2014 and 2019, we have engaged over 75 volunteers, awarded 30 private scholarships, and served slightly over 500 students from our targeted mentoring programs delivered in person at Atlantic High School and Boynton Beach High School by our dedicated mentors, not including virtual platform. In our recent participation satisfaction survey, 100% of students said they learned skills from their mentors that clarified choices toward career paths. 95% percent felt more capable and confident to succeed academically from the mentoring relationship. 85% percent stated that they would have liked to meet with their mentor more often.