Become A Mentor

Become A Mentor


Join Our College & Career Readiness Mentorship Program as a VOLUNTEER MENTOR

The Scholar Career Coaching Mentorship program is designed to give students the opportunity to interact with caring adults like you, who share similar academic and/or career interests. 

Scholar CC provides the training and resources to help each Mentor connect with their Mentees while building a relationship that in some cases, will last a lifetime. If you are a Professional, Community Leader, or Graduate-level Student, we need you on our volunteer team!

What We Do

Scholar CC motivates students to pursue an education beyond high school. We do this by providing complimentary college and career services including; group mentoring, scholarship assistance, standardized testing college admission fee waivers, FAFSA assistance, and SAT tutoring. In addition, we bring outside professionals and motivational speakers to share inspiring stories and to provide important community resources to our students.

Your Role As a Mentor

Following our group mentoring model, each Mentor will be paired with 2-3 mentees for the school year. Starting in October and ending in April, Mentors will spend a minimum of 1-2 hours working with their mentee group weekly. Whether it’s helping with setting up goals for the semester, providing organizational tips, creating a resume/cover letter, mock interview prep, exploring college and career options, finding and applying for scholarships, or being a listening ear, our Scholar CC Mentors play the role of a coach, motivator, supporter and friend. 


Hybrid: Mentors have the opportunity of scheduling in-person meeting with their mentee(s) during the College and Career Readiness weekly cub sessions on campus. During the weeks you are not meeting in person, you will meet virtually. You will work with your Mentee group to determine your virtual meeting day and time. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

E-Mentoring: Mentors and mentees meet virtually for the duration of their match. You will work with your Mentee group to determine your weekly meeting day and time.  Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

Benefits of Being A Scholar CC Mentor

The satisfaction that comes from giving back | By simply sharing your own experience you’re able to have a remarkable impact on a person’s future. Giving your time and knowledge to someone who might not have previously had access to your level of expertise can be hugely rewarding, especially when they achieve the results they hoped for.

A new perspective | As a mentor, you get to view and understand a problem through the lens of your mentee. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself, the way you do the things you do, and areas you may still need to develop. You might also surprise yourself and pick up a few tips and tricks from your mentee that you might not have otherwise thought about!

End of year Scholarship Awards and Luncheon | The event celebrates the hard work of our student scholars and the dedication of our volunteer mentors. We will be awarding scholarships and college laptops to deserving local high school seniors, celebrating our volunteers, and honoring our committed supporter

“A life-changing opportunity. I was able to have a different perspective about the challenges our mentees face. I also got to learn exceptional people who volunteer or work at Scholar CC” — Jorge Bastos, Scholar CC Mentor

Who We Serve

Inquisitive 11th and 12th graders, attending Title I schools in the Palm Beach County School District with a focus on ESL (English as a Second Language) and First-Generation students.

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