Meet Our Team

Meet our fantastic program support team currently working behind the scene diligently with our students!

Lynne W. Gassant

                    Founder, Executive Director

Grew up in Haiti, Lynne W. Gassant is a first-generation college student and the first in her family to complete a college education. While still in her early 20s and completing her undergraduate studies, Lynne founded Scholar Career Coaching in December of 2012 so that other students, much like her, could excel in their academics too—with the right support, success strategies, and mentorship. Her mission for Scholar CC is to coach, motivate, and support first-generation college-bound students, focusing on English as a Second Language. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in public management from FAU and a master’s degree in human resources management from FIU. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and a former advisory board member for the City of Boynton Beach Education & Youth. 

As Scholar CC’s founder, and executive director, she still manages to live a full, well-rounded life as an HR professional/consultant, a wife, mother of two, and a big sister. Two fun facts about Lynne, she enjoys Korean TV Drama, and in 2017 she competed in the Mrs. Florida United States Pageant as Mrs. Palm Beach County. She was 4th Runner Up! To read Lynne’s full story, visit:

Cinthia Campos

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Cinthia Campos is currently a student at Lynn University, majoring in Graphic Design. As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator with Scholar Career Coaching, Cinthia focuses on highlighting our students, maximizing digital engagement, and utilizing marketing strategies for rebranding.

At a young age, Cinthia has had a wealth of opportunities and accolades in the digital marketing industry in her past experiences. From cultivating a social media presence from scratch to taking the lead of a design team for TEDxYouth@ANS, Cinthia has demonstrated her passion and aptitude for creative expression in the digital world. In the future, she aspires to represent further the visual identity of different brands and organizations on a global level.

Rachel Bonnaig

Mentoring Program Manager

Rachel Bonnaig has enjoyed working in Education and After School Youth Enrichment programs for over 15 years. As the new Mentoring Program Manager for Scholar Career Coaching, she is passionate about inspiring youth to believe that with perseverance and a plan, their dreams are tangible. Rachel is a light-worker and uses her “it’s figureoutable” attitude to encourage others to succeed in the workplace and beyond. When Rachel is not busy changing the world one youth at a time, she enjoys working as a Session Singer/Songwriter, spending time with her family and friends, Graphic Design, and relaxing on the beach. 

Fun fact, Rachel is a Certified Diver and obtained this credential to get over her fear of deep water.

Salma Moran

Student Academic Support & Special Projects

Salma Moran is a senior at Lynn University studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Film Production. She plans to pursue a career as a filmmaker by moving to New York upon graduation but has never seen snow before! She enjoys reading, writing, and listening to all types of music.

Coming from an immigrant family, she is no stranger to words like integrity, positivity, and dedication. From overcoming homelessness, to being raised alongside 3 siblings by a single mother, she has never let her situation stop from her excelling in school. She was taught that education was the gateway to a better life for both her family and herself. That is why she is grateful to work alongside inspiring individuals at Scholar Career Coaching who want to help further the education of students who could really benefit from having a mentor. She hopes to support, inspire, and grow as a professional individual through her position as Student Academic Support & Special Projects.