Ever Wonder What Mentoring is Really Like? Below are a few stories from mentors and mentees about their mentoring experience. Find out what it takes to be a mentor and about the rewards of mentoring.

In Their Own Words

When I decided to join the AVID and SCHOLARCC MENTORING CLUB, I became somebody else. I gained self-confidence. I am so happy that I am a part of the mentoring club because it helps me to realize that I need to be more than a learner, I need to be a thinker. That was the biggest life lesson I’ve ever learned so far. The first time I was introduced to the mentors at the mentoring club, Mrs. Gassant started to open up herself with us, she was so motivated to help us out. Every meeting she would make sure that we gained something different. Mrs. Gassant helped me in so many different way. So, I would like to thank her for everything.


JJ Jeannot
Mentee 2014-2017
ScholarCC 2017 Scholarship Recipient
ScholarCC 2016-2017 Class Ambassador
Atlantic High School ‘ Class of 2016

My experience was AMAZING ! I had the opportunity to meet others and learn a lot of new things. The mentor program really prepared me for interviews, tests, prepping for college and networking with others. The mentors helped me with interviewing skills, English, Scholarships, and things to do to manage my time in college. The most satisfying thing about the mentoring program was knowing that there were individuals who wanted to help us grow and teach us new things. I accomplished my short-term goal which was getting and attending Spelman College. Scholar CC has helped me achieve this goal because of the things that we learned and by giving me a scholarship. I would not be able to attend the prestigious Spelman College without this scholarship and I will forever be thankful. Thank you all sooooooo much


La’Quesha Swain
Mentee 2014-2015
ScholarCC 2015 Scholarship Recipient
Atlantic High School ‘ Class of 2015
My name is Alfred Mims. I am the Lead Mentor on the SCC team. My field is Real Estate and before that I’ve worked in Human Resources Management. I specialized in hiring, training, payroll, and benefits. SCC is where I come to help students learn from my experiences. Scholar Career Coaching gives me the opportunity to assist the next generation realize their dreams. So far I’ve assisted students  with resume building and job interview prep. I enjoy meeting and learning the stories of our young talent. Mentoring is important to me because it give me a chance to help the students get over the challenges they might find if they were doing everything by themselves. To have a successful society we need leaders and Scholar Career coaching provides us with a glimpse of the future leaders of our community.


Alfred Mims
Lead Mentor 2014-2015

What is a mentor? “A mentor is someone who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors.” Meeting with my mentees I learned that being a few years older than someone makes a difference. “An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.” My mentees taught me I didn’t need a dare devil life to be able to teach them a lesson. Simply sharing the smallest experiences such as the first day of college, or extracurricular activities to get involved with just for the experience. The greatest lesson I taught one of my mentees this past semester, taking the steps to becoming more organized. Especially when it came to missing assignments, and getting work done. Something small yet impactful. I would like to take this time to thank Lynne Wideline Gassant for allowing me to participate in her mentoring program this past semester. I’ve always wanted to be a mentor but felt I couldn’t because I wasn’t good enough and I had nothing to teach. Thank for allowing me to participate in such a great program. I appreciate you and all the kindness you have shown me.


Prisca Saint-Hilaire
2015 Mentor

I have a B.S. in Business Administration and have worked in many fields during my career. I served in the U.S. Military and worked as a: Social Worker, Insurance & Real Estate Agent, City Public Relations Director, Mayor & Council President of a large Sea Shore community, County Director of Economic Development, Tourism & Airport Operations. I also have owned and operated motel & restaurant businesses. I have served on the board of directors of many business & service organization.  I hope to pass on some of my business & life experiences to the students I am mentoring. I firmly believe it’s important to help students understand the challenges they face upon being graduated from high school. Some may elect to continue their education while others may enter the workplace or a branch of the U.S. Armed Services. Passing one’s life experiences to these students may assist them in making a decision for their future. At the same time, it helps some students to discuss issues in their lives that may hindering them from reaching their dreams & potential. As a mentor, I have a feeling of satisfaction to know my influence may be helping students have direction from someone other than family & friends who have an interest in their future.


Victor Di Sylvester (far right)
Former Mayor & Council President of a large Sea Shore community
2015-2017 Mentor

I’m enjoying my time at Atlantic High with these incredibly energetic and pleasant students IMMENSELY!


Kevin Warner
2014-2017 Mentor

My current job is working as a Human Resources intern at Citigroup. I have been in this role for almost 6 months. Some of the activities I get to partake in include coordinating university presentations, keeping databases of interested candidates, assisting students with the application process, and managing the logistics associated with intern onboarding and training. Mentoring has impacted my life immensely. Coming from parents who are immigrants, there was little to no guidance given to me. Therefore, I saw my teachers and friends as mentors who made a positive impact in my life. Seeing that they believed in me and encouraged me made me believe in myself and fight for my dreams. So far I have helped my mentees with resume building and interview preparations. I have had great experiences from doing so because the students I work with are amazing. They give me great feedback because they take my advice into consideration. Mentoring is important to me because I think at some point in time we all need an extra boost. Surrounding yourself with people that care about you is important for continued motivation and success.

Ambily Jose
2015 Mentor

My name is Fanessa Hilaire and I am currently a junior at Florida Atlantic University working on my bachelor’s degree in marketing management. I work for Plastridge Insurance Company as an account executive intern and throughout the time that I have been mentoring With Scholar Career Coaching my mentees have allowed me to humble myself and also expand the way I utilize the knowledge that I have. During the Fall 2014 semester I have been helping my mentees understand how college operates. I have been giving them the information that your college tour guide does not get to sit down and share with you. I really enjoyed this part of the mentoring program because when I was their age I did not have an individual who was in college to share these things with me and I feel as though my college experience would have been very different if I did. Mentoring is important to me because when I was in high school I did not have an individual who was where I wanted to be in the next three years, so they could be in the position to guide me. Although adults that are out of college know how it may be, a high school student is less likely to listen to them because they do not feel as though they can relate.


Fanessa Hilaire
2014-2015 Mentor

On the first day of attending the mentoring program my mentor showed me how to become a better interviewee. I applied the skills she taught me and was granted my first job at Five Guys. I applied the same skills at a TJmaxx interview and that is where I am currently working. I am very thankful for the mentoring program. They are the reason why I am a successful interviewee.

Wenda Fils-Aime
2014 Mentee
Atlantic High School ‘ Class of 2015

I am currently a Digital Marketing Consultant. Mentoring has given me a a much-needed reprieve from the business world and the chance to connect with the new generation of high school students and graduates. It’s always so insightful and refreshing to work with individuals in different age groups. It’s incredibly rewarding to use your knowledge to help younger adults navigate through unfamiliar territory for them, that has become so commonplace for you. I’ve been helping my mentee with her application to PBSC, FAFSA, applying for part-time jobs, and looking for scholarships. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Cynthia. I have noticed her become even more motivated to learn. Mentoring is important to me because it means you are providing members of your community with knowledge and resources they may not otherwise not have the opportunity to receive.


Sonia Shams
2015 Mentor