Welcome SCHOLARCC Alumni

Are you a former participant of Scholar Career Coaching’s mentoring program or scholarship recipient? If so, we’d like to hear how you’re doing! Whether this is your first trip to the ScholarCC Alumni page or not, we’re so glad to have you here.

We understand that life after high school presents a whole set of challenges and we want to continue to be there for you. To help support you, we’ve decided to set up an Alumni Support Network to help with any career, financial, or life-related questions or challenges. Think of us as an extended mentor you can come to us with – come to us with any questions or advice on topics that you may have talked about with your mentor, or on topics that you wish you would have discussed. We can assist you with answering questions about college life, writing or reviewing your resume, employment & internship search, interview prep/techniques and personal finance.

Have a story idea or want to update us on your success? We would love to hear from you! Drop a message to us below or send us an email at alumnisupport@scholarcc.com.